Custom Products

Your Needs, Our Solution

Since the product or component being coated seldom takes into account the finishing system, we design the finishing system to accommodate the design of the product and its manufacturing process. To assure that a Yenkin-Majestic industrial coating meets your air quality, appearance, protection and cost-containment objectives, our service representatives will conduct an extensive finish line survey that will help us develop the matrix of information necessary to create the proper finishing system.

We will gain a clear understanding of the appearance and protection requirements of the substrate material, whether it is metal, wood, plastic or other composites. We will take into consideration any pretreatment being used and examine the surface condition prior to finishing. We will evaluate or recommend the application method, whether conventional air spray, HVLP, airless, electrostatic, flow coating, roller (coil) coating, dipping, brushing, curtain coating or robotic spray; and we will evaluate the baking, drying or curing process.